Zoë Anderson

Zoë Anderson is an illustrator and comic artist from Hamilton, Ontario who specialises in sequential storytelling, graphic linework, and decorative hand-lettering. 

She spotlights her sense of humour in her work through bizarre narratives and goofy characters.

Butch Bait

When Francine finds herself crushing on the hottest butch in town, she goes to extreme lengths to get her attention.

This 60-page comic features an original slap-stick romantic comedy.

Galactic Gals

Life is expensive when you’re an alien in space. Luckily, Cherie and Nanette have the perfect solution.

This animated music video, featuring an original story and characters, includes the song, “Guilty as Charged,” written and performed by Zoë. Zoë’s animation style uses frame-by-frame animation, paper textures, and traditional media.

I Can’t Clean My Cave

A cave dweller explains why he is complicit in living with his executive dysfunction.

This 4-page comic was drawn traditionally with pencil crayon.

2025 Pinup Calendar

A pin-up calendar for the year 2025 with a focus on human intimacy and sexuality.

Drawn traditionally with coloured pencils on Mylar.