Yue Wang

Yue Wang is an illustrator based in Toronto who loves visual storytelling through charming characters and warm, cute themes. She uses dreamy colours to add a hint of magic, fun, and joy in her illustrations. She is passionate about video games, character design, and visual development, and is interested in working on indie games and children’s books.

Mangobun & Friends Merchandise Line

Mangobun, a little mascot character created in 2023, led to the creation of a whole series—Mangobun & Friends. Several cute animal mascots join Mangobun with fruit themes and accompanying character designs. This merchandise line consists of five postcard designs based on holidays, a sticker sheet, and five keychain designs, as well as animated promotional GIFs of the postcard illustrations.

A Poison Dark & Deep

A book cover jacket accompanied by four illustrations, depicting concept work of the environment, characters, and narrative elements. The story describes a girl who is born with black eyes. Her village ostracizes her and exiles her to the woods. The bordering Wildwoods, a primordial forest home to lurking wolves, are far more dangerous than what she faced in the village.

Four Seasons Café

A series of character designs based on made-up café drinks, inspired by Korean café and bubble tea beverages. Each character design and drink is associated with one of the seasons. These designs are wrapped together in a fictional café brand with promotional posters and cups.