David Ye

David Ye is an illustrator who focuses on storytelling through concepts and narratives. His narrative and visual works include children’s books for ages 9-12, visual novels, dating sims for adult audiences, and concept art for games. David is a foodie and enjoys working out and swimming.


Fit 2 Gether is a dating sim visual novel game in which the player can pair with a personal trainer, flirt with, and potentially date them. The goal of this app is to encourage users who may be intimidated by fitness environments and make working out more approachable. Each character is chosen based on the player’s personal fitness goals and type of activity such as bodybuilding, crossfit, yoga, and more. The player can interact with their pocket trainer and unlock more content as they progress and meet their personal goals. The game offers great motivation to have consistent workouts and to keep playing.


Dipper and Shiver is the start of a children’s book series. It follows the adventures of Dipper and Shiver, two tree frogs who have fun and encounter challenges with their other froggy friends.

This series was inspired by my own experience with OCD and anxiety. It explores the idea of facing your fears and the importance of supportive friendships.


A short sequential story about a kid meeting a new friend after an act of kindness. The story explores the perspectives of both characters.