Yixin Guo

I am an illustrator with a wide range of interests, especially in the handcrafted, informational, and scientific areas. With an exceptional love for guinea pigs and other small animals, I like to blend a sense of childish innocence into most of my work. 

We all need a bit of ridiculousness in our lives. It’s fun!

Mental Health Relief Methods

A series of posters combining graphic illustrator elements and physical clay figures. Created with a silly approach to express this more serious topic in a comedic and relaxed tone.

Bloop Body Adventure

A book that reads vertically aimed at small children to educate them about human bodily systems and sound effects. The story follows the main character, Bloop, as they travel through different parts of the body.

Guinea Pig Mystery Box

An infographic about the guinea pig species in the form of a mystery box with double-sided cards shaped like the animals. It showcases the different breeds of guinea pigs, their behaviours, origins, and other fun facts. 

History Of Manicures

A research poster on how humans decorated our nails across various geographies and histories.