Yifan Gan

Yifan, hailing from China, showcases her vibrant creativity, blending purple, pink, and orange to spin fantastical tales. Her art merges sweetness with surrealism, crafting a unique style. Off-duty, she indulges in games, anime, and films.


In this abandoned amusement park, daytime decay transforms into eerie vibrancy at night. Guided by a sleek black cat, the park’s secret guardian, animals revel in its revival.

Wine Label Designs

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, these wine labels merge gothic elements with grape motifs. Evoking Poe’s themes, they promise an intriguing wine experience.

In a Dream

The project consists of three visual works, each presenting a dreamscape with rich colour and dynamic elements. Together, the works form a multi-layered dream world, from the urgency of a nightmare, to the mystery of being lost in a dream forest, to the vision of flying free, each a different interpretation of a dream state, with a distinctive and symbolic use of colour.

Raccoon Tour Guide: Toronto!

This postcard series depicts Toronto’s charm, each narrating a cozy story with a baby raccoon. From live music to quiet moments on public transport, they capture the city’s essence.

Rewind: Echoes of a Life

This profound digital comic explores memory, life, and death through a series of powerful visual narratives. It follows a young girl at the end of her life as she looks back on key moments through a videotape played on an old television.