Yidi Wang

Yidi Wang is an illustrator from Oakville. She creates narrative illustrations with digital artwork, combining decorative qualities and bright, vibrant colors. Her work is inspired by the most ordinary things in life, filtered through her imagination and creativity.

The Past and Present

This series of decorative illustrations depicts the fusion of ancient traditional culture with the era of innovative technology. In today’s high-tech lifestyle, people inevitably reminisce about the ancient civilizations that faded over time. This collision of old and new cultures births a world brimming with diversity.

Animal Visitors in the City

This exquisite set of calendar cards features animals as the main characters. Each month showcases representative animal roles and festive elements. These cards guide people to pay attention to environmental and ecological issues. Besides humans, countless marvellous forms of life exist in the bustling city.

The Nine-Colored Deer

This children’s book tells the story of a nine-colored deer bravely navigating the human world in pursuit of justice.