Yannis Fernandes

Yannis Fernandes


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Hello! I’m Yannis, a visual communicator and problem-solver enthusiastic about telling meaningful stories through illustration, design, and motion. I approach the creative design landscape with a brand deeply rooted in authenticity, sustainability, and accessible design. Through a blend of creativity and strategic thinking, I hope to engage my audience with work that evokes a sense of nostalgia, whether it be through clever use of colour, media or typography.

Sips & Gigs

Sips & Gigs, a year-round cocktail recipe book, simplifies adventurous and intimidating cocktail flavours. With step-by-step guidance, these recipes will turn any cocktail novice into an expert mixologist. This guide not only serves as an aesthetic and practical resource but also doubles as a promotional device for the ingredients mentioned in the recipes.

Zaretta Pizzeria

Zaretta Pizzeria is a brand identity project crafted for a neighbourhood pizzeria with a heart as big as its flavour. By spotlighting the remarkable Caretta sea turtle species and advocating for sustainability, this project seeks to blend purpose with a beloved fast-food staple: pizza! Inspired by the resilience of a turtle shell, my design ethos symbolizes strength and endurance.

Garden Bloom

A fun mural designed for a communal space aiming to transform blank walls into a vibrant garden. Designed to embody the spirit of diversity and co-existence. 

Whatever, Dad

Embark on an enchanting adventure alongside a rebellious little boy as he navigates a whimsical world filled with mystery and charm. Along his journey, he grapples with what it means to be lost in an unfamiliar realm and the self-discovery that comes along with reconciling a lost connection. This short mixed media animation is a heartwarming tale of adventure and growth.