Xinyue Wang

Xinyue Wang


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Xinyue is an illustrator from China who is passionate about creating biological info-graphic illustrations and original fantasy creatures. At home, she enjoys painting, reading novels, raising fish, and cooking. However, she also loves outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and badminton. She currently resides in Ontario.

The Fate of Beings

The Fate of Beings is a set of tarot cards themed around various animals, totalling 22 cards. Each card features an animal intricately connected to the interpretation of the tarot card. Using animal behaviour as symbols to interpret destiny, the front side showcases a full-body illustration of the animal, while the back features a minimalist design.

Information Illustrations

This is a collection of information illustrations. The first showcases the common forms, growth process, and natural habitats of natural quartz crystals. The second features common raptors in the Ontario region, their diurnal and nocturnal activities, as well as a guide for encountering raptor nestlings.

Fantastical Beings

This is a poster collection featuring designs for creatures from an alternate world. It introduces three fantastical beings along with their anatomical structures and short stories.