Ven Lavergne

Ven Lavergne


Hailing from the Ottawa Valley, Ven is an illustrator with a deep curiosity for all things weird in the world. Her work mixes traditional and digital media, reflecting a balanced passion for science and art as vehicles for understanding the natural world. She loves to learn and uses her work to share that wonder and knowledge with others. With a background in architectural technology, she aims to work in scientific and technical illustration.

Whale Fall: A Celebration in the Dark

A fascinating phenomenon. A whale fall occurs when a dead whale sinks deep onto the ocean floor and creates its own localised ecosystem. The whale becomes a buffet—a veritable feast—for little critters that live in the dark. In this informational booklet and video, you’ll follow this incredible process as successions of strange and familiar creatures celebrate below the cool ocean waters.


A young woman walks away from a butcher’s shop carrying a picnic basket that drips with blood. She claims to be meeting a friend for supper, but who is she really meeting? With a noted history in the occult, the young miss is certainly hiding something beyond the pages of the story’s introduction.


In the vast darkness of space, planets orbit distant stars. These exoplanets have the potential to support life, just like our very own Earth, if they happen to orbit around their star’s Goldilocks Zone, a range where their sun’s heat is ‘just right’ for water to exist.

In this informational illustration, the data of seven exoplanets most likely to be habitable has been collected. Shown are the exoplanets’ size relative to Earth, their star’s spectral classification, distance from Earth and location in the cosmos.

Finding Fungi

What can you find on a walk through the woods? Lots of mushrooms! This set of postcards uses a mix of exaggerated and scientific illustrations to tell a story of discovery and research after finding various mushrooms on a trip through the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. Click through to reveal the story behind each mushroom.