Vanessa Zhan

Vanessa Zhan


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Vanessa Zhan is a Toronto-based illustrator. She is fascinated by Western and Eastern art styles and finds inspiration in mixed media. She likes to draw human portraits and nature elements, use tones and textures to tell stories, create atmospheres, and combine traditional and digital media to develop random unduplicable effects.

POV Award 
(for Illustrative Excellence and Personal Expression)

Tarot card: Chinese Opera

In the ten tarot cards inspired by Chinese operas, my illustrations incorporate elements and characters to convey the intricate plots and meanings of classic Chinese opera, fused with the symbolism of each tarot card. This unique blend of Eastern and Western influences have created a captivating cultural synthesis.

Poster illustration: Chinese Movies

A series of poster illustrations based on renowned Chinese movies that have significantly impacted the global stage. Through artistic interpretation, I honor these cinematic masterpieces, allowing viewers to relive their essence and stories in a fresh light.

Comic: Love Is a Dog from Hell

Comics based on three selected poems from Love Is A Dog From Hell (1977) by poet and novelist Charles Bukowski.