Tiffany Lee

Tiffany Lee is an illustrator and graphic designer based in the GTA whose passion lies in visual branding, packaging, and merchandise design. She has an uncanny knack for turning ordinary topics into wonders filled with charm and intricacy. She taps into her playful nature through her growing obsession with vibrant colours, subtle textures, quirky character designs, and graphic decorative motifs. In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, playing bass guitar, and staring at the sky.

Cherie Picnic Bakery

From the sweet logo to whimsical tea packaging, Cherie Picnic Bakery cherishes authenticity, compassion, and quality time with loved ones. This lighthearted neoteric artisan bakery hopes to encourage tender and unconditional love by sharing carefully crafted teas, baked goods, and delectable sweets with loving people like you! Our organic tea line is the perfect treat to give your friends, family, or significant other as a way to show your appreciation for them. After all, this is for you, my darling.

Lettuce Feast

Lettuce Feast is a bustling festival that celebrates the delicious wonders of Hong Kong street food. From the proposal to the final product, the brand identity emulates rich and versatile flavours of Hong Kong cuisine, with a bold colour story, and spirited illustrative elements that represent Chinese culture. Come join us for a yummy adventure and Lettuce Feast together!

Thru My Eyes

The eyes tell a story. Thru My Eyes, an accordion zine, showcases the concept of hidden passions and ambitions while exploring the way strangers connect through their affinity for shared interests. Oftentimes, passion is associated with career talk, but it doesn’t have to be. You can be passionate about a hobby, interest, or topic because you simply enjoy learning about it, big or small. There is passion in everyone. You just need to venture out and observe closely.

Sorry, There’s Been a Change of Plans

Sorry, There’s Been a Change of Plans is an interactive zine that delves into the intricacies of embracing change through an optimistic, coming-of-age lens. It includes illustrations of unconventional formats, each showcasing personal reflections, and reminders that I use to navigate through the uncertainties of life. Ranging from a fold-out Snakes and Ladders-inspired board game to a Where’s Waldo-esque spread, watch the zine transform in front of you as you flip through it!