Thom Elgie

Thomas Elgie is a Toronto-based illustrator focused on creating all manner of story art. Thomas is experienced in creating storyboards, short comics and zines, character designs, and narrative illustrations. The stories and media that he encountered at a young age inspire his projects. Thomas takes every opportunity to instill bits and pieces of his created histories into the background of his work.

The Dwarvish People 

This original zine is an illustrated interpretation of the traditional fantasy genre creatures, as well as a fictional explorer’s guide to the world of dwarves. In this world, the once singular dwarvish people have migrated, developed, and separated into distinguished factions and tribes over the ages. Though they migrated to different lands and faced unique struggles, they still bear the gifts of their prehistoric makers… the giants.

From Sacred Places 

This series explores the idea of sacred places as being either constructed or named in the spirit of a figure or force. Each image conveys specific characteristics of the embodied entities and elemental features and, in some cases, their relationships to people who dwell in these places.

The Denizens of Harveston 

Harveston is an original setting that mixes high-fantasy archetypes with themes of agriculture and food. This series of character designs includes storytelling elements to illustrate the values and social roles of these individuals.


A short wordless comic about the very last remnants of a once golden kingdom.