Tetra S

Tetra is an illustrator obsessed with rendering and details. With a highly analytical mind and a passion for learning, she tackles projects methodically and meticulously. Whenever Tetra isn’t jamming out to dark electro-pop and metal music, she’s enjoying snowboarding or biking while trying to forget the last seasons of Dexter, GoT, and True Detective.


Fluid Frequencies is a portrait series that celebrates genre-fluid musicians by encapsulating their latest album’s themes with surrealist elements. Each of the chosen artists shifts between musical genres, finding what is useful to them and discarding the rest, creating unique sounds that suit their ever-evolving needs.


This conceptual art project explores 3D-modelled custom bass guitars that feature illustrations for each of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. From the growing divisiveness, egregious wealth disparities, plague of misinformation, and the death of our habitable climate, each guitar highlights the contemporary end times we find ourselves facing.


Embark on an infernal expedition with Vacation to Damnation—an advertising campaign that invites you to explore the depths of Dante’s Inferno through a series of captivating postcards. Each postcard delves into a different circle, revealing the agony, despair, and twisted humour that await thrill-seeking tourists!

Wrath – Styx Screamfest. Release your inner rage at Wrath’s Styx Screamfest! Participate in our therapeutic pillow fights, join the scream therapy session, and conquer the river Styx in a high-stakes obstacle course. Anger management never looked so exciting!

Heresy – Unorthodox Utopia. Discover the unconventional at Heresy’s Unorthodox Utopia! Engage in theological debates at our Theological Trivia Night and witness the Hysterical Heretics in a live comedy show! Embrace the eccentricity of eternal enlightenment!

Violence – The Adrenaline Abyss. For thrill-seekers only! Violence’s Adrenaline Abyss offers extreme sports challenges in a landscape straight out of nightmares. From paintball wars to competitive axe throwing, unleash your inner daredevil!