Stacey Doomsday

Stacey Doomsday


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Stacey is a Canadian-based illustrator with a passion for storytelling and background illustration. She loves taking inspiration from vintage aesthetics and her own experience to reimagine into fun narratives. When not drawing, she explores classic car shows and scours antique stores for strange and unique oddities.

The Open Road

Inspired by the adventures I’ve had with my partner and our dreams of travelling together, I’ve created a narrative series that tells the story of a couple on a road trip and the moments they share along the way. This series features destinations, stops, and photos that document the journey.

Mush The Cat Witch

This picture-based book for young children tells the story of Mush, a little cat witch who dreams of becoming a more powerful witch. One day, while reading a spell book, she learns of a potion that will make her stronger. She sets out on a harrowing journey through the magical forest to obtain all the ingredients and learns by the end what it really means to be strong.

Lost And Found

A series of postcards depict a little cat’s journey through a thrift store looking for the perfect gifts. She explores the interesting, the old, and the creepy!

The Secret Life of A Cryptid

Have you ever wondered what cryptids—creatures whose existence remains unknown—do in the wild? Maybe they are not as scary as we think and perhaps live a life like ours! Find out in this illustration series about these folkloric creatures!