Sophia Bos

Sophia is an illustrator with a love for nature and an eye for detail. Growing up in the countryside north of Kingston, Ontario, she was constantly surrounded by bugs, plants, and animals. These formative experiences evolved into a passion for science and nature illustration. Sophia especially enjoys highlighting lesser-known native and endangered species in her work.

Entomologist’s Playing Cards

For the nature enthusiast: this full deck of cards puts a colourful twist on playing cards. Each suit features a different order from the class Insecta: Hearts is Coleoptera, Spades is Hemiptera, Diamonds is Lepidoptera, and Clubs is Hymenoptera.

Fish Anatomy Interactive Infographic

Lifelike oil paintings of five different fish species are compared, contrasted, and integrated into a digital experience, allowing users an up-close look without getting slimy fingers. Learn about key points of fish anatomy and how to identify various fish species in Southern Ontario.

Wilderness Etiquette Trail Signs

These colourful trail signs educate new outdoor enthusiasts on how to respect the flora and fauna around them. Each sign depicts a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat to emphasize its importance and our place as guests when travelling in the wilderness.

Saturn and Sun GIFs

Saturn and our Sun are shown through motion to emphasize their intensity and grandeur.