Sonia Juravlev

Sonia Juravlev


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I’m a Ukrainian-Canadian artist with a passion for bold lines and shapes and vibrant, illustrative graphics. Growing up, my grandmother always made sure I was well-connected with my roots and culture. My childhood was filled with folk art and stories that still inspire me today, traces of which can be seen in my love for botanical elements present in much of my work.

When I’m not locked away in my room drawing, I love immersing myself in stories through reading, watching movies, and my personal favorite: playing video games. I also hold a special place in my heart for Oscar and Lenny, my parrot and bearded dragon who are the absolute lights of my life.

I hope to transfer my skills in illustration into the world of tattooing and pursue an apprenticeship, with the ultimate goal of opening a shop one day.

American Traditional Goddesses

Four portraits of ancient Greek goddesses and characters in the American Traditional style of tattooing that reflects our world today. By incorporating items and symbols from these seemingly conflicting ideas, each portrait tells the woman’s story through a mash-up of concepts that are relevant in the modern world.

The Fox and the Crane 

Intending to explore my Ukranian culture further, I illustrated one of my favorite childhood folk stories. I merged key elements of Ukrainian folk art with more modern design choices to create a short illustrated book that can be enjoyed and shared across generations.

The Tower of Flowers

Taking a short excerpt from a story, I illustrated a scene in which one of the characters approaches a tower. Through three sequential illustrations, I broke down the scene into distinct moments. The illustrations work together as a set and as individual images and were heavily inspired by the Art Nouveau movement.