Shiman Cao

Shiman Cao is an illustrator based in the Toronto area. She likes to collect toys, design packages, and produce children’s books. Her collections heavily influence her art style. She loves using shapes, patterns and thick strokes in her works, usually in flat style illustrations.

Chess Board Game ‘The History Maker’

‘The History Maker’ is a series of chess board game designs based on three types of chess: Western Chess (Europe), Xiangqi (China) and Shogi (Japan). Each set includes chess pieces, a game board and designed packaging. All the pieces are related to local historical figures and designed in animal form. 

Dakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter

This children’s book by Jamie Michalak features the adventures of Dakota, a treasure hunter who searches for the most precious treasure in a big museum.

Appetizing Life: 2024 Calendar

In this six-page illustrated calendar based on the Chinese Zodiac, we learn how animals work in different types of restaurants.

Editorial Illustration Works

A collection of illustrations that highlight life in the big world, exploring a variety of topics through colour schemes and line drawings.