Sasha Galoustian

Sasha Galoustian


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Sasha is a Toronto-based illustrator and designer. She specialises in transforming 2D drawings into fabricated characters and sets through a multidisciplinary practice. Sasha’s versatility in medium and knowledge of materials helps to create a dynamic range of work suitable for stop motion animation, book illustrations, window displays, package design, and more. Sasha’s mission is to get people excited about miniature environments and puppets.

Sheridan Illustration Council 
Award of Excellence (Gold)

How Caribou Got Their Antlers

This children’s book is based on an old Siberian folk tale about the relationship between the Mansi people and the vast and beautiful nature of Northern Russia. The Mansi, a small indigenous group, are a dying race. Their tales mostly remain unknown. The book intends to shed light on these lesser-known ethnic groups and raise awareness about their rich cultural heritage and beautiful connection with nature.

These visual development illustrations were created as part of the process for the children’s book above. They explored potential character ideas and served as blueprints for the environments included in the book.

Pond Wedding Window Display

This window display was created for the Vanilla Bites dessert shop located in downtown Toronto. The display spotlights the desserts through a playful story about a frog and a grasshopper who got married in their pond. Their neighbours, friends, and family joined in the celebration of this wonderful moment. One of their friends delivered a huge wedding cake on a lilypad! What a festive celebration!

Pigeons on the Move

This series of postcards was inspired by the main characters living in Toronto. We may not notice them but they’re all around. In the narrative, the pigeons start off disliking humans. Over time, the pigeons realise why those giant creatures are so fun and interesting.

Titan’s Wine

This was a narrative-based package design project for Titan’s Wine. Each type of wine was named after a different Greek God. Each label tells a different story based on Greek mythology.

Jaboloo Jazz Festival

This advertisement design package was created for a fictional Jazz Festival. It includes a poster, promotional stickers, an app, and an animated trailer. The design was inspired by the softness of jazz, the mystery of the hidden bars and speakeasies where the concerts take place, and the late-night atmosphere.