Sara Harding

Sara Harding is an illustrator based in Toronto. They are passionate about creature, character, and environment designs that tell engaging narratives. In their natural habitat, Sara can be observed playing video games, D&D with their friends, and collecting little trinkets.

Findings of the Fondren Woods

A creature concept design project formatted around a ‘found item’ research journal. The writing explores Doctor Hirsh’s observations of the fauna in Fondren Woods after his mentor mysteriously disappeared during his expedition to explore the very same place…

Beetle’s Reluctant Adventure

A mockup of an RPG where you play as the protagonist Beetle, a sorcerer who discovers that something is interfering with the source of his power. This inconvenience motivates him to drag his old “friend” Mym along on an adventure to fix it.

The Gone World

Environment concept art based on The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch.

The Best Care

A comic where a young girl gets consumed by the thoughts of taking the best care of her tamagotchi.

Horror Game Animations

Three animations that each feature a different jump scare, inspired by first person horror games.