Riddhi Deshpande

Riddhi Deshpande


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Riddhi Deshpande sees magic in every part of life and directly translates that into her work. To her, creating art is like going on a playful adventure, and she approaches every project with the same sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. Vivid colours and whimsical patterns are her love language, and they perfectly mirror her bubbly and energetic personality!

A lifelong reader, Riddhi believes in the transformative power of storytelling, and strives to create enchanting experiences for the young, and young at heart! She hopes to work in children’s publishing but is open to any opportunity in the kids’ media realm.


A wordless story of a young vampire going through one of the most relatable childhood experiences—getting braces!

The Sundial Garden

A short story inspired by the Sundial Garden from Samantha Shannon’s fantasy novel,  Priory of an Orange Tree, and rewritten for a younger audience. Told through papercut illustration, this narrative emphasizes the magic of a diverse yet supportive community. Follow Ead the fairy as she tries to cure Queen Sabran’s sad mood!

Keys to the Kingdom

A modern, picturebook adaptation of the poem “This is the Key of the Kingdom” by Andrew Lang. Join this cat on his scenic journey throughout the lands!

Tada! Summer Reading Program

A children’s summer reading program, partnered with local libraries, encouraging a love of reading. This project includes a promotional poster, activity booklet pages with stickers, and an interactive website. The website allows for easy access to the program, with activities, book recommendations, and even more ways to further a child’s literary journey.

Poster (left)

Interactive booklet pages and stickers (right)