Rene Piskova

Rene Piskova


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Rene Piskova (a.k.a. Little Dog) is a Canadian illustrator. Her art practice focuses primarily on narrative work, particularly comics—but she is always exploring different illustrative and artistic approaches. She loves to create sensitive and heartfelt artwork touching on innate human traits and feelings. Rene’s dream is to become a teacher or mentor in the art field and to publish her own comic book.

Infinite Women

Infinite Women is a short, wordless zine based on a short story Rene wrote. It follows two best friends who meet up one last time before an asteroid hits Earth.

TOR Publishing: “Circus Girl, The Hunter, and Mirror Boy”

This series of illustrations consists of one cover page and two spot illustrations for Neon Yang’s short story, “Circus Girl, The Hunter, and Mirror Boy.” The story follows a young girl who sees a strange boy in place of her reflection and discovers they are in grave danger.

Return of the Cat

Return of the Cat is Rene’s fourth-year narrative thesis project. This comic tells the story of a young man feeling lost and disoriented after a tragic event. At his new job at the zoo, he finds comfort in a tiger.

Rot Sets In

Rot Sets In is Rene’s fourth-year thesis project. This comic is about an old woman grappling with her fleeting existence and a life of regret. This project includes a short hand-animated trailer, produced almost entirely with graphite pencils on a stack of manila paper.