Ren Li

I’m a 24-year-old illustrator from China based in Mississauga, Canada. I have a special affection for structural drawing and poster design, finding both forms inspiring and fulfilling. I’m passionate about telling my stories through comics, using dynamic lines and exaggerated perspectives to create impactful scenes.

In my free time, I love to immerse myself in movies, particularly sci-fi and horror. I prefer short stories over longer narratives, believing they better challenge an author’s creativity and storytelling skills. My creations are concise and impactful. I dream of the future of art, hoping to one day create a well-known IP that captures the hearts of many with my imagined characters, stories, and concepts. I aspire to become a trendsetting artist adored and followed by the younger generation.

Evolution of Kawasaki

This project is a double-sided brochure with a cover and three informative illustrations highlighting the development of the Kawasaki Ninja series. The Ninja series motorcycles hold a significant position and influence within the motorcycle community. I selected three models of cross-generational significance to depict, detailing the performance, model, and engine information of these motorcycles. The three motorcycles are the GPZ900R(1984), ZX10R(2004), and H2R(2018).

Will the Electronic Buddha liberate Androids?

This project showcases my imagination of the relationship between religion and technology. Through these four posters, I express how technological evolution impacts and transforms the transmission of religious beliefs. In the future, the advancement of technology may lead to changes in the form of traditional religions people follow, as well as conflicts between futuristic concepts and traditional religious ideas.

Crows are black everywhere

I’ve created a short story about a prime minister who governs the people with a flock of crows that kill the guilty. In the end, the prime minister also does not escape the punishment of these crows.


A horror graphic novel about technology, this story explores my fascination with artificial intelligence. As AI becomes increasingly advanced, bringing us endless convenience and advanced knowledge, we also lose our ability to think independently.