Qinyun Lu

My work tells stories through a fantasy of visuals. I paint worlds with colour, texture, and imagination. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, and I bring narratives to life. Through illustrations, I express my unconventional views of imagination, dreams, and the world around me.

Infections of a Different Kind

A series of illustrations inspired by Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora’s album of the same name. The illustrations and songs explore connections between humanity, nature, and the universe. In this series, I express these themes through whimsical imagery and embrace the beauty of the complex connection among the creatures in the world.

Call From A Dream

A picture book featuring a dog’s perspective of the world. Through a combination of reality and dreams, the book explores how a puppy sees new things, and how these experiences of the world shape their dreams.

No Way Out

A series of illustrations about intimate partner violence, using distorted scales and saturated high-contrast colours to emphasize the oppressing sensation. The three illustrations represent a cycle: the survivors are harmed, and then healed, and then face a dilemma of how to escape.