Nijah Smith

Nijah Smith


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Nijah is a Jamaican-Canadian illustrator who loves delicate line work, street fashion, costuming, and foliage. She enjoys creating sensory and mood-based narrative illustrations that pull heavily from historical and mythological world cultures, ideas, and aesthetics. She weaves culture and concept together into rich fantasy or sci-fi narratives to create relatable and familiar stories that appeal to people and their emotions.

Dash Way

Dash Way is a visual novel about a young girl from Jamaica who attends a weekend sports bootcamp in Kingston, Jamaica to train to be scouted for the Youth Olympic Games. While at camp she struggles with class, her identity, and possibly even… the supernatural? The project contains a demo of the visual novel and a concept art package for the characters.

Three Dates

This series of multi-media illustrations are conceptual character studies where the viewer takes the point-of-view of someone on weird, boring, or awkward dates – inspired by real life situations. These pieces came together using acrylic paint, oil pastel, coloured pencil, and collage.

Coco’s Chocolatiers: Hot Chocolate Packaging

I created packaging for a fictional hot chocolate brand that features a cast of sci-fi steampunk characters and looks back to late 1800’s product packaging and type, but with a contemporary illustration twist.

Literary Wine Labels

I created two illustrated wine labels based on Jules Verne novels. The bottle on the left is based on Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and the bottle on the right is based on From the Earth to the Moon.