Natalie Liu

Natalie Liu is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Her cultural roots and background impact her approach to storytelling and illustration. Through abstract elements and organic lines, she expresses her personal experiences and stories within her pieces. In her free time, she plays video games, reads at cafés, and plays with her dog.

Drifting Dreams
A single-player fantasy video game, where every choice matters. The character lives a peaceful life in a small village, yet they experience eerie dreams of a twisted version of their life. Each choice made in the real world impacts the events in the alternate dimension. To uncover the mystery and connection between their dreams and the town, the player must set out on an adventure to explore, gather resources, and grow their relationships with the townsfolk.

Flower Gifting in China
An infographic depicting the proper meanings and traditions behind floral gifts. 

Floral presents have many meanings in my culture, and this infographic provides insight into the colour, history, and meaning behind the most popular flowers.

Bread and Milk and Salt

A book cover and two spot illustrations for the short story, Bread and Milk and Salt, done in a papercut style.