Narita Sargees

Narita Sargees


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I’m an Assyrian illustrator in the GTA who loves hue, saturation, AND brightness. I’m inspired by toys, simple playful aesthetics, and impressionist paintings. Although I create mostly digital work, I also love to get crafty and tactile with traditional media like felt, crayons, and found objects.

Outside of art, I’m a big fan of furbies, rodents, and truthful t-shirts.

Canadian Community Arts Initiative Award

The May Mice Mingle

The May Mice Mingle is a children’s book about a dormouse named Dora. Dora wakes up from hibernation excited for the big May Mice Mingle, but encounters a major wardrobe issue! This book was made traditionally with felt, embroidery, and other tactile materials.

Dev & Puck Go to the Market!

Dev & Puck Go to the Market! is a children’s book about a frog and a squirrel who go a little overboard at the farmers’ market.

Under New Management

A series of environment illustrations of an abandoned mall and the aquatic creatures that have taken over.

The Price of a Life

A set of illustrations about the mistreatment of pet fish.

Assyrian Food Zine

An introductory zine featuring Assyrian foods and their ingredients.

Star Crossed Wires

A zine about computer mice in love.