Matthew Patricio

Matthew Patricio


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I am a character and product design artist based in Mississauga. I enjoy creating environments and characters inspired by Japanese culture and sentimental, nostalgic memories. When not drawing, I love collecting merchandise of my favourite characters, doing figure photography, and working on creative projects to decorate my room. I would love to create my own figurine series!

Welcome to The Internet

A series of animations exploring the vastness of the World Wide Web. Each image showcases the beauties and mysteries of a cyber world in a web-core aesthetic.

Japanese Solar Heroes

A concept of a trading figure series inspired by Japanese fashion in a space theme. Each character has an illustration card with a summary of themselves on the back. With the space-themed packaging and 3D model mock-up, these characters are intended to be on store shelves or toy vending machines.

Unlike Any Other Bond

A series of environmental pieces featuring twins that view and live in a world only they can see. Inspired by my twin brother, these images showcase our relationship from personal experiences and meaningless conversations.

To the Sky

An animated lyric video by Owl City reminds us not to give up on our dreams and that anything is possible. The story follows a sailor who wishes to fly and experiences many challenges and obstacles with help along the way.