Madeline Cheung

Madeline Cheung


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Madeline is an illustrator who likes to have fun with her work! Through bold compositions and bright colours, Madeline aims to make anything engaging from packaging design, to infographics, and narrative stories. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing (maybe too much) video games.

PLACE Packaging Design

Inspired by the Proust effect, which describes how sensory experiences invoke vivid memories, PLACE is a soap that takes you back to pleasant memories of the past through various scents. The crisp ocean breeze, a sultry summer night garden, or the gentle rise of the day breaking out from dusk—do you remember that place?

Keeping Up

A postcard set that describes how it feels when everyone around you is busy getting from point A to point B. Do we have to “keep up” with others?

Home at Hell

Follow Nora in this short comic through her time as a civil servant working for Baphomet, Nora’s boss in the underworld. Tasked to increase taxation profits, Nora is sent out into the underworld to begrudgingly meet the inhabitants of an underperforming village.

Tectonic Vancouver

Vancouver is in an active seismic zone but most residents keep that thought in the back of their minds. This booklet brings awareness and actionable steps to better one’s odds if an earthquake hits the region.