Lalaith Ma

I am a Canadian-Chinese illustrator based in Markham, Ontario. My bilingual upbringing instilled my deep appreciation for both Western and Chinese histories. From a young age, I found myself captivated by ancient mythology, history, and fantastical stories, which fuelled my passion for artistry.

I aspire to create vintage-flavoured decorative illustrations and posters that capture the essence of the topics that move and inspire me. I seek to share my passion and joy with others through my art, spreading the beauty and wonder of storytelling to everyone I encounter.

Musical Pamphlet

A series of brochures introducing four famous historical musicals from four different countries, with the historical details behind the songs.

German Musical: Elisabeth and the real life of Princess Sissi.


American Musical: Hamilton and the real life of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury.


British Musical: Les Misérables and the story of the French Revolution


French Musical: Le Rouge et le Noir and the story of the Napoleon Wars.


Musical Theatre and Tarot Card

A series of 21 Major Arcana Tarot cards based on famous characters from different musicals.

Revolutionary War: Outside the Battlefield

A series of storyboards that portray the personal life, living environment, and cultures of an American Revolutionary War soldier from 1776 to 1784. Inspired by Joseph Plumb Martin’s book, A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier.

All Crows are Black

A unique short comic revealing the peculiar customs of a secluded village where inhabitants are prohibited from venturing beyond its borders. The young girl sets out to uncover the enigmatic rationale behind it.