Lacie Nguyen

Lacie Nguyen


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Lacie Nguyen is a digital illustrator specializing in background painting and narrative storytelling. With a passion for movies, she enjoys creating comics which resemble screenshots of film scenes, using moody colour palettes and cinematic composition.

Scorpion Grass

Scorpion Grass is a webcomic featuring lovers-to-enemies stories about two queer art students navigating their life choices amid a violent revolution. As the story progresses, they find each other again as political enemies.

Post Blue

Following the character’s journey, this project explores the theme of loneliness and isolation in mundane environments, showcasing the desolation of everyday life through moody lighting and space composition.

The Stranger

A short comic adaptation of the dialogue from the movie Out of Sight (1998), exploring a situationship between a policeman and a biker.