Ko-Chi Chen

Ko-Chi Chen


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Kochi Chen is a comic artist and illustrator from Ottawa, specializing in line art
drawing. She is interested in exploring various storytelling styles through comics. Her creativity and imagination also help her build skills for concept art. She uses digital software such as Procreate, Medibang Paint and Photoshop.

Sophie’s Journey

A series of concept art that shows life in a retro-futuristic city full of strange robots and aliens.

Robotics City – Morning Dew

In a world dominated by artificial intelligence, all humans must stay in a facility that will build their hearts and brains into perfect robots. One day, a little boy finds a stray puppy that accidentally wanders into the robot city.

Robotics City – Sunset Glow

After discovering an escaped kitten from the robot pet shop, the cyborg man realizes he is slowly turning back into a human.

Monster Report

This is an old and secretive document that records a failed experiment. The drugs that were created to strengthen human health turned out to cause a huge disaster.