Keno Lazaro

Keno Lazaro


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Keno Lazaro is a Filipino-Canadian artist based in Mississauga, Ontario. He loves telling stories through his illustrations, inspired by tattoo artistry. When not illustrating, he enjoys writing and drawing narrative works, from psychological horror comics to slice-of-life dramas, focusing on human emotions and relationships. This summer, Keno will begin a tattoo apprenticeship to further explore his fascination with the art form.


Gods-On-Board is a series of skateboard designs each portraying different Greek Gods: Dionysus, Athena, Hades, and Morpheus. These Gods were handpicked to represent the skating culture. Dionysus represents festivity, Athena represents bravery, Hades represents being misunderstood, and Morpheus represents creative imagination.


Cataudella is a series of illustrated cards set within the realm of the Kingdom of Cataudella. Each card, complemented by descriptions on the back, serves as a fragment of the kingdom’s history, waiting to be unraveled. From its mysterious origins to the intricate webs of betrayal and murder, these cards offer a glimpse into the secrets and conspiracies that shroud Cataudella’s past.


Visit, a slice-of-life drama comic, tells the story of two childhood friends who grew apart after one of them moved away. When the friends reunite, they navigate shared memories, catch up on lost time, and gradually confront the emotions that have lingered unspoken between them.