Julia Paglia

Julia loves to incorporate a wide range of both traditional and digital media into her artwork. She experiments with novel forms and has a passion for visual storytelling. Julia’s favourite narratives to illustrate are vulnerable and relatable experiences, unsettling tales, and silly stories that evoke nostalgia.


Provenance is a fictional story outlining the origin of a zombie infection, shown through the journal entries of a recluse farmer.

You’re Still You

You’re Still You is a series of self-portraits depicting self-perception as a fluid and cyclical concept. The series emphasizes embracing who you are and challenging the ideals and pressures of social media. 

My Experience with OCD

A series of four collaged lino prints about my experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Through symbolic and metaphorical imagery, I express the journey and feelings involved in recovery.

New Glasses

A watercolour and pencil crayon illustration based on a childhood experience. A little girl learns that she can see the individual leaves on trees.