Joyce Xu

Joyce is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator who brings fantastical, whimsical, dreamy, and fun art to the world through her work. When she isn’t drawing, you can find her crafting hand-made goods, drinking copious amounts of tea, or sleeping in a blanket burrito for a little too long.

Stories Spun

An art book concept containing spreads of classic Western fairytales spun into a reimagined ancient Chinese setting.

Lucky Dino Postcard Set

A little story told in three postcards about a young determined dino on a mission to find a four-leaf clover.

In This Dream To The Next

This zine follows two brothers: Daniel the bear, a powerful psychic, and Dreamo the dino, a being responsible for granting good dreams. But what happens when the bringer of wonder and whimsy is trapped in his nightmare? This is an older brother’s journey through multiple dreams to rescue his little brother.

Jamais Vu

A three-page comic centred around a moon spirit and her mortal lover. Once the new moon arrives, the moon spirit must return to the sky, taking all the remnants of her time on Earth with her, including her lover’s memories. This short story spins the tale of a tragic and bittersweet love story about repeated first meetings and fleeting romance.

Daisy & Starby Stationery Set

A bundle of stationery items following the cute characters Daisy and Starby and their adventures. Features added animated motion.