Jordan Vandeputte

Jordan Vandeputte


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Through experimentation and traditional techniques, my paintings tell a story of spontaneity. My work uses bold visuals and raw, fractured forms to communicate personal stories, experiences, and concepts. As my painting language develops, I look to challenge myself by creating large-scale works and exploring the integration of textiles.

Generational Grocery lists: Grandmother, Mother, Self
Food is deeply connected to tradition, family, and wealth. This series of large-scale triptych analyses found grocery lists as an extension of the author. Through studying three generations of my family, the method of writing shows change and reflects upon the routines of the individual list makers. Each piece tells the story of social needs within each household, while the body of work comments on the current socioeconomic state of Canada.

The Wildfire Season of 2023 
In navigating the devastating grief of forest fires, this work aims to capture a glimpse of something before it’s gone. The scene, painted to be almost fleeting, conjures feelings of discomfort. My work reflects fear from an animal’s perspective. Quick cuts, movement, and colour intensify the animalistic quality of this painting.

To construct the work to be viewed from any angle, I created a video allowing the viewer to “step into” a 3-D painting. The combination of traditional and digital media invites curiosity and exploration despite the heavier meaning behind the original painting.


This painting is a sensitive view into meeting, learning, and loving a friend, Marta. Flashes of her feel brief, with subtle shifts in mood and mannerisms. The viewer enters the painting through Marta’s eyes, then curiosity continues the journey as you learn about her qualities. My process consisted of initial studies based on my reactions to her, from memory, and through spending time together. When starting the final, I used brushstrokes to coax out areas that ranged from barely recognizable to clear. The work invites reflection and relief, as a celebration of female friendships and time.

Light-Reactive Paintings

Each piece in this series uses “light-reactive” painting techniques using LED lights to depict different dances. Through a historical study, each piece comments on how the individual styles have been influenced by their limitations and adapted over time.


The ballerina’s uniform is an extension of the body. Historically, Black dancers and other dancers of colour have been underrepresented on stage. The recognizable white uniform is based on the predominantly pale skin tones.