Jessie Neveceral

Jessie Neveceral


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As an illustrator and graphic designer, I am driven by the pursuit to rise above the ordinary, to redefine what it means to express oneself creatively, and to unlock one’s full potential. With an approach inspired by nature, science, spirituality, and culture, I invite viewers to reconnect with the earth’s ancient wisdom and embrace the harmony of our existence.

With a commitment to innovation and authenticity, I aspire to elevate brands, enrich experiences, and shape the future of visual communication.

Sheridan Student Union
Award of Merit

Cura Hemp Supplements

CBD (cannabidiol) therapy is a fairly new and effective natural remedy for many mental and physical ailments. Since its rise in popularity, the market has become crowded with options. Not every company takes the necessary steps to ensure their customers are receiving the proper service when choosing the right product for them. For this project, I created a thoughtful and purposeful brand identity, packaging design, and product guide for a hypothetical CBD Supplement brand called Cura.

Elevated Magazine

Illustrations and layout design for a magazine that encourages readers to practice self-care and pause from their busy lives. The content discusses critical areas in elevating wellness, including physical well-being, mindfulness, creativity, and restfulness.


A book about the human experience told through unrefined thoughts and journal entries. A visual exploration of transparency that reveals new layers as readers turn the pages.


An illustration depicting the intricacy of the human brain.


A poster series narrating the countless unconscious reactions that take place in the brief moment when eyes meet.