Jenai Piet

I’m an artist and illustrator currently based in Oakville, Ontario. I love trying out different media, textures, and colours. I grew up painting, drawing, and making crafts, and I have held onto that childhood wonder and curiosity. I’m interested in working in the children’s book industry. I strive to make art that can put a smile on people’s faces and sometimes make them laugh, too.

If I Were Ice Cream

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an ice cream? In this book trailer, learn to see the world the ice cream way to bring extra fun to anything you do. What kind of ice cream would you be?

The Sausage Lady and Her First Brush with Greatness

A story made up by my father in my childhood years told around campfires and at bedtimes. There are many tales of The Sausage Lady saving the day. This is her origin story. The Sausage Lady only says her favourite word, ‘sausages’, but that has never slowed her down. In this selection of spreads from the first picture book of the series, The Sausage Lady becomes a world-famous painter.

 A Day at the Park

A gift set for kids featuring animals celebrating the joy of a sunny day at the park. The set is jam-packed with goodies, including posters, stickers, tote bags, and t-shirts.

Smell You Later

Something smells fishy in this excerpt from a mystery picture book written and illustrated by Jenai Piet. Bath day is a bad day for Dog, and he is looking for his friend to cheer him up. Go for a walk with Dog as he is hot on the trail of his friend.