Hi! My name is JB and I am an illustrator and concept artist based in Guelph. I want to create paintings that evoke emotion through the use of colour and light. I am inspired by a lot of movies and video games and hope to make content that inspires others as a lot of amazing artists have inspired me. When I’m not drawing, you can find me nerding about shows, doing ungodly amounts of karaoke, or learning a new dance.


Featherfell is a dark fantasy game concept about a group of wingless birds who were corrupted by prophecy in a quest to obtain the eyes of God to gain its power. But in the God’s last moments, it cursed the land by devouring the sun and becoming a never-ending eclipse that melts the wings of all who wish to fly. The main character Icarus, whose freedom was taken away from her, dedicates her life to blinding the sun and its remaining eyes.

The 5 Stages of Immigration

The 5 Stages of Immigration tells the story and emotions of anyone who’s had to move places at any point of their lives. The series follows a fish person who moves into human society as he struggles with the ups and downs of culture shock.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

As the title says, this project is a personal challenge for myself to illustrate found-footage horror imagery in hopes to overcome my extreme fear of the dark and all things supernatural. The creatures featured in the series are from Philippine folklore and are the very same ones my parents used to scare me with growing up.

Magic The Gathering Card: Bik-Bak-Bok

A three-headed chicken consisting of Bik, the goofy sidekick; Bak, the leader type; and Bok, the menace. The three brothers often fight with each other but when it matters the most they always pull through from any situation together.