Jasmine Zhang

Jasmine Zhang


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I’m a multidisciplinary illustrator and graphic designer based in Toronto.

Illustrations are more than just pretty images. They can be highly functional and applicable. This belief drives my passion for making versatile illustrations that can fit into different contexts and scales.

I also believe that ideas and inspirations are everywhere in our everyday lives. When I am not making art, I enjoy life, spend time with my favourite people and animals, or find inspiration from anything that catches my eye!

If something from my work has caught your attention, please reach out! Let’s chat about what we can create together.

Camp Out Fest

A lively, engaging campaign for CAMP OUT FEST, an outdoor camping-themed festival that attracts young people to enjoy the outdoors. The project emphasizes the role of illustration in crafting captivating marketing stories.

Silhouette of the Past

A fresh look at China’s traditional buildings. Through this series of lively and colourful illustrations, I show the intricate designs of traditional Chinese architecture in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to explore. It’s all about mixing the old with the new and sharing the beauty of Chinese architecture through a modern lens.

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Loving Strangers

A short zine about an older man and lady reuniting after years apart. Their brief encounter is a journey back in time, reminding them of memories and emotions from a shared past. It’s a story of love, reminiscence, and the lasting marks of connections we thought were lost.