Jade Wysotski

Jade Wysotski


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Jade Wysotski is a Toronto-based illustrator specializing in narrative illustration. The media that bring her art to life are digital, graphite and a hint of ink. Jade is passionate about sharing unusual and historic stories through her detailed work. Her artistic style comes from limited colour palettes, textures, and mixed media to express moods in these dynamic pieces. She is inspired by her love for nature and all of the hidden gems one can find by taking the time to really look.

Dante’s Inferno

How does one interpret hell? In the classic book Inferno by Dante Alighieri, readers walk through the gates of hell and experience the effects of the seven deadly sins on each of the nine damned levels. This visual narrative illustrates the horrific atmospheres and experiences of those in Dante’s Infernos, adding a visual narrative to the well-known classic.

Ovid’s Metamorphosis

Surrounding the theme of change and metamorphosis, this project illustrates Ovid’s collection of poems and takes style inspiration from 1920s German expressionism. The collection of stories features Pygmalion, Echo Narcissist, Daedalus Icarus and more as readers experience change and are captured through the illustrations.

The Humans of New York

The Humans of New York project illustrates a man who has dedicated his life to gas consumption and shares his story and message with the people of New York. Each page is illustrated as a triptych and shows different critical elements of his story.

Quest for the Fountain of Youth

Quest for the Fountain of Youth is drawn in a classic traditional comic book style, primarily focusing on a simple colour palette and textured line weight. The pages feature a small portion of the completed original comic book, following the narrative of three elderly people who chase their desire for youth.