J Moersch

Somewhat here, somewhat there, J. has never been good with knowing where they are or who to be. Perhaps it’s too many hits on the head from nonsensical projects that may be considered faulty. Or, you see, time and place lack any proper permanency.

Otherwise, J. is an okay fellow who might love people a little too much. They dedicate every second to looking and breathing to ensure their life gets the quality it deserves, and work a whole lot to ensure that others get this life too. Despite claims of ‘communist’ or ‘revolutionary,’ J. argues that only a bad person wouldn’t want equality or can’t see a reason to care for another living breathing being.

They are currently hand-bound to chains in the chair of an ‘illustrator.’ This is voluntary.

A journal of a man just trying to make it in a world of his thoughts dragging him down.

“Space to Live”
Sometimes, I like to imagine I’m a rat living in a dystopian nightmare where housing is inaccessible. This small comic is a product of such a dream.

When You Fall
An illustrated book of Renfrew the rat living through an unregulated post-capitalist system.

An animation in memory of Aaron Bushnell and all martyrs of this war.