Isabelle Stevenson

Isabelle Stevenson


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Isabelle Stevenson is an explorer of mixed media and various forms of storytelling. Her inspiration often comes from her personal life, incorporating a little bit of herself into everything she does. Isabelle creates relatable illustrations that will bring a sense of joy and positivity.

Ani My Anxiety

Ani My Anxiety is a picture book that tells the story of a young girl who is picked on by the imaginary Ani, her anxiety personified.

A Lesson from Dad

A Lesson from Dad is a comic about a teenager learning to drive and their dad, who teaches them a valuable life lesson.

Bruno Inspired

This collection of cards is designed to motivate college students with sayings that capture what students really want to hear when they’re struggling.

Mr. Chipmunk Lives at the Zoo

Mr. Chipmunk Lives at the Zoo is a picture book about Mr. Chipmunk trying to discover what it means to have a perfect home.

A Real Connection

A comic that occurs in a high school consumed by social media. One day, a student’s phone battery dies, and she discovers what it means to have a real connection.