Hisham Khan

I focus on creating evocative characters and immersive worlds in a dramatic, anime-inspired style. My complex characters reflect innocent and sinister elements. In my work, I pay close attention to the dramatics of the big picture and the minutiae of the fine details. 

Tied Worlds – character showcase artworks and concept book

A science experiment fails. Two portals open and connect worlds on the brink of collapse. In this fighting game, other-worlders invade Earth and fight to take what they can.

Morning in the Sundial Garden

This short animation is based on an excerpt from Samantha Shannon’s fantasy novel, The Priory of the Orange Tree, where a maid murders a king. A mysterious, concealing framing and pacing create a cool and comedic tone. Anime fans will appreciate the final trope, an homage to the genre. 

Angels’ Tomb – Art book and game trailer

In this horror role-playing game, children with monstrous “friends” try to escape the Tomb of the Drowned Angel. The city’s inhabitants revere the tomb—they believe that an angel’s death has blessed the land. The inhabitants sense entities that guide them, which has led the city to prosper. The city runs on natural water springs and oil. But these resources have faded. In hopes of resurrecting the Angel and restoring their land, the inhabitants offer children as sacrifices.

Nuza’s weekly recap – interactive piece

Nuza shares stories about her weekly adventures capturing yōkai (supernatural Japanese entities and spirits) during her otherwise normal life.