Flora Guang

Flora Guang


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I am an artist who creates narrative works full of dreamlike scenes and moody landscapes that often contain themes of imagination, nature, and nostalgia. I like to create make-believe worlds and extend a visual invitation through my comics and illustrations.

I focus on developing pieces using decorative and textural elements, sometimes combining traditional and digital media.

Brenda Clark Visual Narrative Award

24 Solar Terms

An illustrative calendar that tracks time through the observation of environmental changes rather than a numerical grid.

Originally used for agricultural purposes, the 24 solar terms were invented in China (770-476 BC) and created by following the sun’s annual motion, phenology (seasonal life cycles), and observation of changes in climate. Each page showcases one month. On the right, two illustrations represent the terms of that month. On the left, a clock-nest slowly collects items picked by the swallow over the course of the year.

Sleeping Acorn

Through a display of 11 traditionally painted (watercolour, gouache, pencil crayon) illustrations, all varying in size and arranged around a main image, this project tells the story of an acorn that has a long dream. Rather than becoming a tree, the acorn houses a princess who finds lost items and cares for them in her workshop. She preserves the items in colourful wrappers, glass cases, and containers until they find their way back home.

Pictures surrounding the main image are objects lost somewhere in the world. Find each one hidden inside the acorn workshop.

See you, see me

 An illustrative narrative zine loosely based on an excerpt from Elmore Leonard’s book, Out of Sight. The story follows the events of a girl with a fear of being seen. A moth that never looks her way captures her attention. A beautiful nightmare sequence of circle motifs envelops her.

Narrative Postcards

 A series of postcards following our escape from the city to a small patch of nature.


A mural design based on the word “community.” When I hear this word, I envision something diverse, comforting, and built together. In this piece, a toy town is built while kids play, and adults contribute in their own ways. The mural invokes playful motifs in celebration of creation and community.