Erica Park

Erica Park, an illustrator, designer, and motion artist, is based in the Greater Toronto Area. She delivers impactful and engaging visual creations that meet diverse needs. She is excited to connect with new people and experiences through her art of lines and shapes. Enthusiastic about learning new things, Erica finds inspiration in the everyday and the people around her. When she is not drawing, she is probably watching movies or sitting at a cozy cafe or turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ideas.

Opening Sequence of The Mind’s Maze: An Urban Pursuit

An opening sequence of the fictional mystery thriller TV series, The Mind’s Maze: An Urban Pursuit. The story unravels through multiple crime scenes with an elusive suspect, revealing the mind games that flow between the characters. The opening sequence introduces the series using bold shapes, vibrant colours, and exciting transitions.

Emotional Fluctuation

Four conceptual lighthearted motion graphics centred around emotional fluctuations in our daily lives. With varied styles, this project offers relief, infusing fun and dynamic motion into artistic expression. Foster connection and understanding of mental well-being and provide a comforting starting point for personal battles.

The Rabbit’s Liver

Reimagining traditional Korean art styles and incorporating vibrant graphic elements, the Korean children’s folk tale, The Rabbit’s Liver, transforms into an immersive experience. These visual representations will add aesthetic value and help children learn to appreciate and embrace diverse cultures.