Emma Gauhl

Hi! I’m Emma Gauhl, an illustrator living in Hamilton, Ontario. I grew up exploring nature and playing games, which has had a huge impact on the art I create today. I love to create narrative-based illustrations and stories, as well as character designs and other visual development.

Nature’s Deities

Nature’s Deities is a series of covers for a fictional book series about different gods and goddesses.


A wordless picture book exploring the idea of growing up told through a child’s imagination.

The Shopkeepers

Shopkeepers is a series of animal character designs for animals that run their own stores in a fantastical world. Each character is displayed as a sticker sheet with the different objects they would sell around them to show more about their personalities and shops.

Lil’ Chef

Lil’ Chef is a game trailer for a game about a chef exploring the world and creating their own restaurant.