Emily Liang

Emily Liang


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Emily Liang is an illustrator with a passion for storytelling. Armed with delicate line work and colours that turn the mundane into the magical, she creates immersive atmospheres filled with easter eggs that encourage audience engagement. Inspired by the wonders of everyday life, Emily’s illustrations explore ways to breathe newfound life and intrigue into the ordinary.

To You, 2025

A letter of advice to prospective students in the form of a calendar. Based on Emily’s college experience, this calendar is a light-hearted tell-all about the little struggles of college.

The Things We Leave Behind

Visual interpretations of a series of poems and short story excerpts by various authors interconnected to tell a story of loss between two friends. The Things We Leave Behind explores themes of legacy and memory through abstract storytelling.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

A short comic on hypocrisy.

Secret of the Queen’s Tower

Murder most foul! What is lurking in the Queen’s tower? Secret of the Queen’s Tower is a four-page narrative sequence that explores mystery and atmosphere.