Diana Sharaievska

Diana Sharaievska


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Diana is a Ukrainian-Canadian aspiring author and children’s book illustrator. Her passion for fun and adventures shines through vibrant colours, whimsically quirky characters, and captivating scenes. She creates stories that leave a lasting impression on readers of all ages. In the breaks between creative outbursts—and when she isn’t annoying her cat Alisa with love and affection—Diana enjoys exploring nature and discovering new places.

Sofi’s Special Soup

A counting picture book that invites children to join little Sofi and her cat Marcel on an adventure—collecting ingredients for a very special soup.

Summer Escapades

A character design and world development project, Summer Escapades takes the author’s childhood memories of mischief and adventure and reimagines them in a new light. The characters were inspired by the author’s childhood friends. 

Hi! I’m Pip.

Hi! I’m Ziggy.

Hi! I’m Bo.

Mess Universe

Mulberry Robbery

Cattail Capers

Trouble Riders

Timeless Tales Redefined: Ukrainian Edition

Timeless Tales Redefined showcases a series of illustrations inspired by three enchanting Ukrainian fairy tales. Despite the rich cultural heritage of these tales, the new generation of young readers has overlooked them due to outdated visuals and a lack of contemporary adaptations. This project breathes new life into these timeless narratives, offering fresh interpretations that resonate with modern audiences.

Each set includes a double-page spread, a full page, and a spot illustration for each tale.

Painted Fox by Ivan Franko.

The Troubles Will Guide You by Lesya Ukrainka.

The Deer With Golden Antlers by Dmytro Pavlychko.