Crystal Semple

Crystal Semple


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Crystal is an illustrator whose love of adventure shines through in every story she tells. Her sentimentality and connection to nature inspire her to create art that connects others with the world around them. With a heart that belongs to traditional media, Crystal is constantly exploring ways to integrate traditional mediums with the efficiency and utility of digital technology. 

Crystal also has a strong passion for teaching and runs an arts program for kids every spring and summer at a camp based in Algonquin Park. She also takes the campers on backcountry canoe trips through the park.

A Grim Encounter

A story following a grim reaper’s first day on the job as he conquers his fear of humans.

“Tom, Thom” Spot Illustrations

Spot illustrations inspired by the short story by K.M. Ferebee, following the love between two unlikely brothers.

Computer Love, Computer Grief

Editorial illustrations utilizing robotic metaphors to explore how we love, grieve, and struggle through life.



Brain Fog

Time Blindness

Breaking Conformity

Tangled Emotions



Mark of Humanity 

The internet is a diary of humanity. These are excerpts from an illustrated anthology that brings life into a collection of small thoughts, words, and stories left by strangers online.