Chantelle Dorafshani

Chantelle Dorafshani


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Chantelle is an illustrator and designer based in Mississauga, Ontario. Her work draws inspiration from music, plant life, and organic forms. With a passion for exploring various mediums, Chantelle enjoys integrating traditional mark-making and textures into digital illustration and design. When not drawing, Chantelle spends her time baking vegan goods, attending concerts, and searching for hidden gems at local thrift stores.

Declan Mckenna’s What Do You Think About The Car?: Album Tour Branding

A brand design project centered around English singer-songwriter Declan McKenna’s 2017 debut album, What Do You Think About the Car? This project combines illustration and design to create a cohesive brand identity for Mckenna’s album. A moody, limited colour palette collides with bold, expressive illustrations capturing the contrast between Mckenna’s sonically feel-good sound, and the political and social issues tackled within his lyrics.

Declan Mckenna’s What Do You Think About The Car?: Animated Gifs

A selection of 11 gifs that accompany each song on Mckenna’s album. These gifs create an immersive listening experience when streaming the album on a mobile device.

Make Me Your Queen


Dennis Lee Poetry Illustrations

A short book of illustrations to accompany six poems from Canadian children’s poet, Dennis Lee. These illustrations include bright colours and bold, fun shapes to match the whimsical, playful feel of Lee’s poetry.

Plant-Based Recipe Spreads

A series of magazine spreads containing illustrations and instructions for three plant-based recipes. Combining traditional illustrations with digital design, these cozy recipes aim to invite the reader in a warm and welcoming way as they flip through a food magazine.